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Now everybody do the propaganda

sing along in the age of paranoia

7 April
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And he can't understand
How everyone goes on breathing
When true love ends
His mother whispers quietly...
Heaven's not a place that you go when you die
It's that moment in life
When you actually feel alive
So live for the moment
And take this advice, live by every word
Love is just a hoax so
Forget anything that you have heard
And live for the moment now
-the spill canvas-

*paul dave vince*, 111 records, a time to strike, adelaide, afi, albright knox, alkaline trio, already famous, anti-bob evans, apple waffels, art, art boys, ashlee simpson, bad religion, bargain shopping, barnes & noble, ben folds, billy talent, blink 182, books, bouncing souls, bowling for colombine, boxcar racer, burchfield penny, byrus, castles, ceramics, clay, coffee, coheed&cambria, conan o'brien, concerts, converse, count the stars, craw, custom made, dashboard confessional, davey havok, david bowie, death cab for cutie, dennys, dirty dancing, drive-thru records, dropkick murphys, drums, family guy, finch, flogging molly, frank sinatra, friends, george orwell, ghost world, green day, hanson, happiness, harry potter, heather squared, hidden in plain view, home made t-shirts, hot hot heat, hot mexican punk rockers, ill at ease, incubus, indie rock, janes addiction, jawbreaker, jinxed, john kerry, josh groban, less than jake, local shows, mallrats, maroon 5, matt skiba, mexican food, michael moore, michaels, mighty taco, modern art, modest mouse, movies, music, no doubt, nora & dave, oprah, painting, peace, pearl jam, peccavi, pink floyd, pretty girls make graves, pro-choice, puerto ricans, puma, punk, punk rock, punk rock mexicans, punkvoter, queen, radiohead, rancid, ray fillet, reading, red hot chili peppers, rock, rockabilly, saves the day, scary movies, senses fail, sex pistols, shoes, shopping, shows, skateboarding, sleep, something corporate, speaking like lovers, state of mind, story of the year, summer, that 70's show, the ataris, the beatles, the early november, the hives, the movielife, the piano, the ramones, the rolling stones, the shins, the spill canvas, the starting line, the stereophonics, the strokes, this day and age, track jackets, vegetarianism, warped tour, wide of the mark, will and grace, writing, yellowcard